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With 20 years on the market, SCANMETAL Soluções Construtivas focuses all its experience and technology on the development and manufacture of equipment for streamlining construction work, providing greater quality, speed and safety.

Adding a pioneering spirit and innovation to its projects, and thanks to the vast technical knowledge of its professionals, SCANMETAL gets better day by day, developing equipment solutions according to customers’ needs, optimizing methods and procedures, which have made it one of the most respected brands on the market.


We are concerned with reducing impacts caused by our company's
processes to the environment, from production to end customer delivery.


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Safety is the rule here

Always refer to the updated Regulating Standard (in Brazil it is NR 18) in item 18.13 "Protection Measures Against Falls from Heights" and always keep an eye on your staff members' safety. Also refer to the standards in force in your country.


+55 11 2797-SCAN (2797-7226)
+55 11 2694-9346
+55 11 2693-5946


+55 (11) 99417-9641
+55 11 99403-7485
Nextel: +55 11 7760-9857 - ID: 85 * 230467


Carlos José Michelon St., 1153
Vila Maria (Jd. Andaraí)
Sao Paulo - SP - CEP 02166-010


SCANMETAL® Soluções Construtivas